Leaders in ICT

Moloko Group Holdings (PTY) Ltd. was founded by Fulton Ramaphakela in 2000, and has a number of specialist divisions focusing on service provision in sectors as diverse as construction & property development, asset management, , IT solutions and prepaid tracking devices.

Black Economic Empowerment

Employing over 200 staff, Moloko Investment Holdings is 100% black owned, with its board of directors all from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.While this may be of interest to potential clients, the company focuses on providing the best possible products and services it can.

AssetCare Asset Management

Keeping track of your company’s assets is one of the most important, yet time consuming tasks. It’s vital to keep a record of everything your company owns – whether it’s office furniture, cutlery and crockery, linen or computer equipment – both to track any theft or shrinkage, and to have an accurate asset register for tax purposes.


With its extensive understanding of the administrative requirements of South Africa’s schools, Moloko Investment Holdings has created a full school management software application, currently installed and running in over 1600 education sites.

Moloko Information Systems (MIS)

Because it understands the IT environment so well, Moloko Investment Holdings is also a supplier of ordered-to-specification hardware, acting primarily as a hardware vendor to support the software sides of the Group.


iClass was created by Moloko Investment Holdings in response to a need identified by the Gauteng Online Project. The Project’s goal was to equip schools across the province with access to computer equipment and other multi-media elements, but it faced significant security concerns.